Is degradation of the food supply the main cause of degenerative disease?

How does degenerative disease start with the soil?

One of the major causes of degradation of the food supply is poor soil. Poor soil is the result of modern farming techniques.

In addition to this the use of toxic fertilizers and sprays, green harvesting (picking fruit before it is ripe and freezing it), long term storage, freezing, drying, processing and unnatural additives all contribute to the reduction in quality of our food supply.

Our food is no longer capable of doing what it is designed to do – i.e. keep our bodies healthy and free from disease and ailment.

Traditional vs new farming methods

Traditionally mulching, manuring and crop rotation have been used by farmers to return essential compounds to the soil.

However after the Second World War chemical companies that had produced phosphates and nitrates for weapons were left with a lower demand for the chemicals they produced.

Research at the time showed that many plants will grow with just three minerals; nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (NPK). The chemical manufacturers started to sell NPK fertilizers to farmers. The growth of this practice made traditional farming methods uneconomical.

NPK grows fruit and vegetables that look good but your body requires more than just N, P and K. As soil becomes deficient in minerals so do we.

The grains fruits, vegetables produced on huge tracts of degraded soils are one of the main underlying causes of the increase in degenerative disease that is caused by poor modern diets.

So the next time someone tells you “O, I get all the nutrients I need from my diet” you might want to query them about the degradation of the food supply.

Low grade and depleted soil is just the first stage of the degradation of the food supply.

Modern Food Processing

Modern food processing, storage and preparation in its many and varied forms further deplete our food of its minerals, vitamims and nutrients.

• Cold storage
• Drying
• Blanching
• Pasteurization
• Ultra filtration
• General long term storage
• Green harvesting – Picking before ripe and ripening over an extended period
• Cooking
• Hydrogenation

There are many scientific studies that have measured the loss of nutrients vitamins and minerals from the food we eat the results are of great concern.

To understands the link in greater detail a basic understanding of oxidative stress is required. This further explains the link between reduction of nutrients in our diet and the increase in degenerative diseases like Arthritis, Alzheimer's, Cancer, Diabetes, heart disease and Osteoporosis.

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