Can you get the nutrition you need from your current diet?

There are important differences in men's and women's needs in nutrition for optimal health. Take, for instance, the fact that prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer mortality in men. There's a significant reason to pay attention to prostate health, and one of the best known preventive measures a man can take is by supplementing your diet with saw palmetto along with selenium. But prostate cancer isn't the only worry that men have. Oxidative stress is a huge causative factor in many health problems that men face. Degenerative diseases are becoming more and more common, as men live longer and are faced with more free radical exposure than ever before. And it's clear that with the failure of prescription medication, men can't always count on modern medicine to prevent these diseases.

It's imperative for a man's health to begin, as early as possible, to pay attention to cellular nutrition above all other means to well-being. This means taking optimal nutrition and high quality supplementation geared directly towards the concerns that men have as they age, as well as getting exercise, eating a good diet, and avoiding toxins. However, because of doctors' bias against nutritional supplements, you may not know just how important these are in maintaining health and reversing disease processes through correct nutrition.

Men's Health Issues

Among various problems, men tend to worry most about their heart health, including their cholesterol.

It's important to weed out the confusion and find the facts surrounding what actually maintains a healthy heart or reverses heart disease. As with all preventive health that begins with educating yourself on the correct nutrition as well as the cholesterol conspiracy. The truth is, moderate cholesterol counts may be healthier than you think, and the key to maintaining and/or reversing heart disease lies in neutralizing the free radicals that may actually be causing it.

An exceptional heart-healthy vitamin is vitamin E, but it's important to make sure you take the natural kind (the d form) instead of synthetic (the dl form).

CoQ10 is another excellent source of antioxidants and promotes a healthy heart and circulatory system.

And with diabetes on the rise in the Western world, men must also look at the health of their pancreas and the ability to control blood sugar. This means cutting back on sugary foods - including white flours and rice. It also means getting the proper antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to neutralize the free radicals that empirically cause the body to break down and develop diabetes.

With lung diseases like cancer, asthma, and COPD at a rise, as well, men need to be exceptionally vigilant about the health of their respiratory systems. This means quitting smoking, avoiding air pollutants, focussing on good nutrition including taking antioxidant supplements that particularly work on the respiratory tract, like grape seed extract and vitamin C.

Men's Health and Weight Management

If weight and muscle mass are a concern for you, it's important to note that obesity, while not a direct cause of disease, heightens the oxidative stress process that leads to a majority of the above diseases. Because of the degradation of our food supply, it's a necessity to not only eat as healthily as possible, but make sure you're supplementing your diet with antioxidants and vitamins that promote healthy weight.

Taking carbohydrate and protein supplements, as well, can help you bulk up and gain muscle, leading to a faster metabolism and less problems with weight management.

In addition, exercise is an important factor in promoting a long, quality life, provided you don't overdo it and cause even more free radical damage than before.

Moderate exercise, both cardiovascular and weight-bearing, are essential to boosting your body's ability to flush out and neutralize free radicals before they cause long-lasting damage.

Men's Health and Supplementation

Consider how most, if not all, prescription medication contains inherent risk factors and potential side effects.

As a whole, nutritional supplementation holds none of these concerns. When you take into account the safety of supplements combined with the enormous benefits, finding a supplementation plan that's right for you is absolutely imperative to your overall health.

This doesn't mean just getting the RDA (recommended daily allowance) you find on the back of foods and popular low grade multivitamin formulas. It means taking a combination of quality supplements that contain essential fatty acids and bioflavonoids, like fish oil and grape seed extract. In addition, you should be very careful about getting plenty of calcium. This will help ward off a variety of potential diseases - like heart disease, obesity, and arthritis.

In addition, to help alleviate arthritis, taking a supplement of glucosamine is a great first step.

For prostate health there have been some interesting tests undertaken on saw palmetto. Finding the right balance of quality supplements should be one of the first things you take into consideration when striving for full men's health.

Luckily, there are several very dependable whole-health supplementation options for men - making it easy to live a long, healthy, and vibrant life.

A final note: Men's fertility.

In theory, a man can be fertile all his life but these days there is a dramatic loss of fertility with ageing. This is caused by many of the same lifestyle factors as other age-related diseases and is preventable.

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